A Formal House

The shift of the chimneys to the side of the house in Georgian architecture allowed for grand entry ways. The central chimney in this house would have prevented this, so Judge Lee built an addition to the front of the house to allow for a dramatic entrance.

Georgian Style Characteristics

Georgian style architecture became popular in the American colonies by the 1730s. The classical influence of the Renaissance led people to see the exposed frames of First Period architecture as outdated. New houses, especially those built by the well to do, placed the structural beams inside the walls where they could not be seen. Older houses were remodeled and the structural beams were put inside wooden casings, or boxed. In many cases, the structural beams were cut back to be less present in the room, which also removed the decorations along the beams.

The Georgian style is typified by a symmetrical or square appearance. Typically the front door is in the center of the house and is capped with a decorative crown. Georgian style houses also often have chimneys at both ends rather than a central chimney.