The Estate

The estate of this house has changed over the years. Richard Hooper purchased an 11 acre plot. His son Henry added 15 acres to the holding before he sold the land. Under the ownership of Judge Joseph Lee, the estate grew to its largest size (as is seen in the map of the Lee estate to the left). The property extended down to the Charles River and back to Huron Avenue. Like other Tory Row estates, it contained orchards, salt marshes, gardens and crops. Following the death of Joseph Lee, the estate was whittled away. With two other Brattle Street Mansions built on and subdivided from the property, the land the Nichols family purchased was a fraction of the Lee estate. The Nichols heirs divided the land into three pieces, which were sold separately. The land today was the smallest of those three.
     Map of Lee's Estate, courtesy of Historic New England