The East Chamber

This room is one of the most fascinating in the house. Remarkably, some of the First Period features are still clearly visible. The summer beam, the large central beam supporting the room above, has a beveled or chamfered edge that comes to a decorative lambs tongue stop, classic features of First Period architecture. Exposed, decorated structural beams were often covered as a more finished look came into style.

For a house that has been on one of the most stylish streets in Cambridge for at least 250 years, the fact that this room has not been changed much is surprising. The chimney girt, the beam that the summer beam connects to above the fireplace, has been cased in the Georgian style and other features of the room have been changed. Joseph Chandler made few alterations to this room. He installed the tiles around the fire place and built out the northwest portion of the room for a bathroom, however, a number of elements, including the front girt and summer beam are intact.

Our paint analysis found the same layers of paint on the exposed beams, which suggesting that they were not covered in the past and then uncovered during a Colonial Revival renovation.