Alfreno, the high wire performer

101 years ago... The Cambridge Industrial Carnival was keeping Central Square on its toes:
The leading out-door attraction has been given by Alfreno, a high-wire performer, who has thrilled thousands, afternoon and evenings, as he did hair-raising stunts on a wire strung across Massachusetts avenue, in front of carnival headquarters. Attired in a female costume, Alfreno emerges from a window, and with the aid of a long pole carefully walks out to the middle of the street, where he proceeds to entertain. His disrobing creates roars of laughter, and after he has removed everything down to his tights, he performs on the wire. Some of his feats are, lying on the wire, balancing his body across the wire without the use of his arms or hands, and walking on the wire with his head enclosed in a cloth sack.

From the Cambridge Chronicle October 14, 1911.