Cambridge Industrial Carnival

A few months ago we were contacted by a Facebook fan who asked us if we knew anything about this banner from the Cambridge Industrial Carnival. We said we would look into it and we’d love to see the original. The fan generously donated it. With a little research we discovered that, 101 years ago today, the Industrial Carnival was all the rage. On October 14, 1911, the Cambridge Chronicle wrote:

Immense Crowds Have Witnessed the Free Shows That Have Been Given Afternoons and Evenings Since Monday, and the Exhibition at the Armory Has Been an Unqualified Success—The Affair Comes to an End Tonight

The Industrial Carnival and Manufacturers' exhibit has held the attention of thousand, of people this week, and nothing like it has ever been seen in Cambridge before. Not only has about everybody in Cambridge been entertained at practically no expense, but the varied attractions have drawn many thousands of people from outside.

The out-door shows have served to attract crowds of people to Massachusetts avenue, between Central and Lafayette square so that traffic has had to be diverted in the side streets, and the electric cars have been compelled to stop during the exhibition

The Brockton fair, Revere beach or Coney Island have had nothing on Cambridge this week when it comes to compare their attraction to those which have been shown on the avenue.
In addition to the free shows given by the carnival committee, the avenue has been lined with fakirs of all kinds, who have plied their trade with their usual skill, and it is safe to say that many a dollar has been taken from the innocent by their attractive outfits and alluring promises.”