Charlie Longfellow

Charlie Longfellow in 1865 CHS Image Collection 6.227.CHS
Charlie Longfellow was the son of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. He enlisted in the Union Army in March of 1863 as an enlisted man in Battery A of the 1st Massachusetts Artillery, although his family connections soon led to him receive a commission as a second lieutenant in the 1st Massachusetts Calvary. By June Charlie had seen little action, but became ill with Camp Fever, a general term for a variety of illnesses, including typhoid. He was taken from the front back to Massachusetts, where he recovered and rejoined his regiment in August. Seeing some real conflict in the next few months, his military career was cut short in November when he was shot. Although he did recover, he was discharged in February of 1864. By the end of 1864 he began traveling, a passion he would follow for the rest of his life, bringing him to India, Japan, and South America before he died in 1893.