This exhibit was created with the help of contributors to the CHS's first scan drive, at which we opened our doors and invited people to share their histories.

The photo to the left shows two young Cantabrigians in about 1949. These two Cambridgeport neighbors are about to put on a play entitled The Princess Who Wouldn't Laugh in a park on Ross Street. The play was written by them, and the costumes are of their creation.

On the left of this circa 1950 photo is Edwin Land, inventor of Polaroid film and Cambridge resident, laughing with neighbor Elizabeth Pratt Kennedy. Photo courtesy of Cynthia Kennedy Sam.

The Kennedy Family band assembled on the porch of 43 Appleton Street. From left: Lowell Francis Kennedy on trombone, Charlotte Kennedy on euphonium, Sargent Kennedy on coronet, and Frank Lowell Kennedy on clarinet. Photo courtesy of Cynthia Kennedy Sam. Identification of the musical instrument in the center courtesy of our helpful members!

A winter scene in Cambridge. Do you recognize this building? Let us know!

A gatekeeper at Mount Auburn Cemetery.


John M. Surette (left), plastering contractor, and Mr. Sharkey (right), his employee, parked in Mr. Surette's wagon in Cambridgeport. Photo courtesy of Stephen Surette.


The Charles River after the Blizzard of 1978. Photo courtesy of P. M. Kleespies.


A contributor and her twin sister, center, in the annual parade of the Feast of Saints Cosmas and Damian. Cosmas and Damian are the twin saints of healing celebrated by Cambridge's Italian community every September. The photograph is from about 1953.

This homage to the Saints Cosmas and Damian is from the mid-1990s.
Photo coutesy of Gavin W. Kleespies