Cambridge in the American Revolution

Cantabrigians witnessed more than their fair share of the war’s events. The town endured two military occupations, first by their own countrymen in the Continental Army, and later by their enemies, British General John Burgoyne and the Convention Troops. Read more about the story of how the Revolutionary War affected Cambridge here!

Cambridge Replicas

In Cambridge the phrase “Imitation is the highest form of flattery,” carries a lot of weight. Visit this site to see all the different replicated buildings in Cambridge.

Cambridge Through the Pages

Across the centuries, Cambridge has inspired writers of fiction and poetry as an ideal setting for their literary creations. This tour steps into the fictional worlds that these writers have imagined.

Cambridgeport History Day

Saturday, October 11, 2014 * Dana Park

The 6th annual Cambridgeport History Day will explore one of our city’s most vibrant neighborhoods. The event includes walking tours, hands on events at Dana Park, and nationally famous “If This House Could Talk” program across the neighborhood.

Learn something new about the people, houses, and neighborhoods of your city. The event is a collaboration of the Cambridge Historical Society, the Cambridge Historical Commission, the Cambridge Arts Council, Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association, the Riverside Boat Club, and other community groups.


Event sponsored by 
Forest City, Cambridge Savings Bank, and Cambridge Trust Company.


At its height, Cambridge was the second largest industrial production city in Massachusetts and candy was one of its main businesses. While most of the candy factories are gone, one remains and many of the buildings are still standing. Check out the historic and contemporary on this walking tour of "Candy Land"!

Central Square: Then and Now

“Central Square: Then and Now” portrays the history and vibrancy of Central Square over the past century. The project is a collaboration of the Clear Conscience Café, the Cambridge Historical Society, the Cambridge Historical Commission, and Phyllis Bretholtz.

Culinary Cambridge

A survey of Cambridge's rich and diverse culinary history.

Folk Music in Cambridge

Explore the history of American folk music in Cambridge in the 1960s.

Growing up in East Cambridge

These interviews reflect on childhood in East Cambridge, share memories of Cambridge in a different time and reflect on how the city has changed.

Industry in Cambridge

Explore the development of industrialization in Cambridge.

Inner Belt

The Inner Belt was a proposed interstate highway that would have connected I-93 to I-90 with an eight lane highway that would have gone straight through Central Square. This multi decade struggle over the transportation landscape made national news and was probably the largest political fight in Cambridge in the 20th century. Learn more about this history, the symposia, and our speakers.

Innovation in Cambridge

Although Cambridge is only a little over six square miles, it has had a huge impact on the lives of Americans. From the vaccines you received as a child to the software on your computer, to the ice in your drink, to the eBook screen you read, you can’t go through a day without using something that was invented in Cambridge. Click here to check out our site to learn about some of key innovations that have come out of Cambridge. 

Music in Cambridge

Twelve people involved in Cambridge’s music scene were interviewed and asked about the area’s music culture: what makes Cambridge thrive as a music city, its musical past, and where it’s headed for the future.

Performance Spaces in Cambridge

This website explores both the traditional and non-traditional performing arts that have been part of the city’s history, with a particular focus on Harvard Square.

Photo Scanning Day - 2009

Our annual Photo Scanning Day invites the public to contribute their Cambridge Photos to our Digital Image Collection. Here is a small exhibit from 2009.

Photo Scanning Days - 2011

Our annual Photo Scanning Day invites the public to contribute their Cambridge Photos to our Digital Image Collection. Here is a small exhibit from 2010 and 2011.

William James' Cambridge

William James was one of the most influential thinkers of  the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and he lived most of his life in Cambridge.