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Carte de Visite Album (1894) 1 Album 



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Historical Sketch:

Middlesex County was one of the four first counties (Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, and Middlesex) established by the Massachusetts General Court on 10 May 1643 (although Plymouth had been settled earlier in 1620, the Plymouth General Court had not seen fit to established counties until 1685).  It originally contained the towns of Cambridge, Charlestown, Watertown, Sudbury, Concord, Woburn, Medford, and Reading, but as new towns were established and boundaries altered, it came to encompass the fifty-four towns within its boundaries today.  County government was originally established in Massachusetts in order to send regional representatives or “deputies” to the General Court, but varied greatly over time, establishing new offices such as that of sheriff, deputy sheriff, highway commissioner, register of deeds, and register of probate, and as county courts were established and the counties grew in power, additional individuals were appointed as, county commissioners, assistant county commissioners, district attorneys, assistant district attorneys, masters and deputies of the houses of correction, probation officers, court stenographer, building superintendents, and engineers, among other positions.  While the county court system is still in operation in Massachusetts, county government is largely defunct, most of its former duties having been taken over by state government by 1997.


Gould, Levi S. Ancient Middlesex with Brief Biographical Sketches of the Men Who Have Served the County Since its Settlement.  Somerville Journal Print:  Somerville, Mass., 1905.

Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Historical Data Relating to Counties, Cities, and Towns in Massachusetts.  New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1997.

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Scope and Content:

This album consists of thirty-three cartes de visite of various officers of Middlesex County Massachusetts for the year 1894.  The album was originally in the possession of John M. Fisk, identified in the front cover of the album as Special Sheriff and Keeper of the House of Correction and in a Middlesex County annual report as Master of the House of Correction and Keeper of the Jail in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  It is presumed that similar albums were created and presented to the various officers of Middlesex County, given that the county seal appears on the front cover.  Most individuals in the photographs are identified, their names, titles, and towns of residence appearing in the  inventory.  Although towns of residence are listed, most court officers worked out of offices in the East Cambridge Court House.  For a brief biographical sketch of many of the individuals appearing in this album, please see Ancient Middlesex with Brief Biographical Sketches of the Men Who Have Served the County Officially Since its Settlement by Levi S. Gould.


Library of Congress Subject Headings:

County officials and employees

Middlesex County (Mass.)—History

Middlesex County (Mass.). Sheriff

Middlesex County (Mass.). Superior Court

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Series Description and Folder Listing:

Officers of Middlesex County 
Carte de Visite Album (1894)


1.01 OMC


John M. Fisk, Master of the House of Correction and Keeper of Jail, Cambridge
1.02 OMC
Theodore C. Hurd, Clerk of the Court, Winchester
1.03 OMC
Edwin O. Childs, Court Officer, Newton
1.04 OMC 
Walter C. Wardwell, Deputy Sheriff, Cambridge
1.05 OMC
Charles [F.] Morse, Deputy Sheriff, Marlborough
1.06 OMC
Samuel [W.] Tucker, Deputy Sheriff, Newton
1.07 OMC
James [H.] McKenna, Deputy Sheriff, Waltham
1.08 OMC
John R. Fairbairn, Deputy Sheriff, East Cambridge
1.09 OMC
John [E.] Tidd, Deputy Sheriff, Woburn
1.10 OMC David Fiske
1.11 OMC
Charles [G.] Whitman, Deputy Sheriff, Marlborough
1.12 OMC
William H. Walsh, Deputy Sheriff, South Framingham
1.13 OMC
George Kingsbury [or G. Tidsbury, Deputy Sheriff, Ashland]
1.14 OMC
Lyman [H.] Richards, Deputy Sheriff, Malden
1.15 OMC
[M.] Frank Eastman, Deputy Sheriff, Melrose
1.16 OMC
George [F.] Stiles, Deputy Sheriff, Lowell
1.17 OMC
Brad [or John A.] Tolman, Deputy Sheriff, Waltham
1.18 OMC
[Charles J. McIntire, Judge of Probate, Cambridge]
1.19 OMC
George [W.W.] Saville, Court Officer, Malden
1.20 OMC
Alvah S. Baker, Deputy Sheriff, Lowell
1.21 OMC
Frederick [M.] Estey, Court Officer, Framingham
1.22 OMC
[Henry C. Sherman, Deputy Sheriff, Ayer]
1.23 OMC George D. Ford
1.24 OMC John [L.] Ambrose, 1st Assistant Clerk of the Courts, Somerville
1.25 OMC


William [C.] Dillingham, 2nd Assistant Clerk of the Courts, Malden
1.26 OMC
Fred [N.] Weir, District Attorney, Lowell
1.27 OMC
George [A.] Sanderson, Assistant District Attorney, Littleton
1.28 OMC
Joseph O. Hayden, Treasurer, Somerville
1.29 OMC
J. Henry Read, County Commissioner, Westford
1.30 OMC
Samuel O. Upham, County Commissioner, Waltham
1.31 OMC William Wright?
1.32 OMC
Isaac I. Doane, Court Stenographer, Winchester
1.33 OMC
Frederick G. Coker, Superintendent of Buildings, East Cambridge

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