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Processor:  Mark Vassar
Date:  October 2005
Reprocessed: March 2011

Acquisition: The Rindge Alumni Association Collection was donated between 2004 and 2008 by Steve Surette on behalf of the Rindge Alumni Association

Access: There are no restrictions on items in this collection.

Permission to Publish: Requests for permission to publish from the collection should be made to the Executive Director.

Copyright: The Cambridge Historical Society does not hold copyright on the materials in the collection.

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Biographical Sketch

The Rindge Technical School was first established in 1888 as the Cambridge Manual Training School as a result of a donation to the town made the previous year by Frederick H. Rindge. Rindge stated that he wished “the plain arts of industry to be taught…for boys of average talents, who may in it learn how their arms and hands can earn food, clothing, and shelter…” This school, renamed in 1899 as the Rindge Manual Training School, became the first manual training school in Massachusetts. Boys were taught firefighting, woodworking, drafting, and various other technical trades. Academic courses such as language, mathematics, and science were taught at Cambridge English High School. The school, along with Cambridge Latin School, was one of the first local schools to participate in formal athletic competition. The school began with teams in football and baseball, and in the 1890’s organized teams in basketball, hockey, track, and crew. It remained a separate entity until 1977, when the Rindge Manual Training School merged with the Cambridge High and Latin School. It continues today as a part of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. Although it continues to offer courses in traditional areas such as carpentry, it now offers many courses suited to the modern economy such as biotechnology, graphic communication, and information technology. While the Rindge Technical School does not exist today as a separate entity, the Rindge Alumni Association continues and is credited with being the oldest operating high school reunion group, having held its 110th reunion in November of 2005.


Langone, John.  The Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, Yesterday and Today. 
     Cambridge, Mass.:  Cambridge Historical Society, 1998.

Surrette, Steve.  “Rindge Alumni Photos Given to CHS.”  The Newetowne Chronicle,
Fall 2005:  7.

Related Collections:

The Rindge Collection, 1883-2000 (bulk 1883-1905) is held by the Cambridge Historical Commission. The collection contains candid photographs of Rindge sports teams as well as reports and official correspondence regarding the school.

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Scope and Content Note:

This collection was originally processed as the Rindge Technical School Sports Teams Photographs as the collection consisted solely of photographs of various sports teams. Subsequent donations included photographs of other student activities including fire fighting training, a record book of the class of 1892, glass slides, etc., that were of a different nature, hence the collection was renamed the Rindge Alumni Association Collection.

This bulk of this collection consists of 207 photographs and reproductions taken between ca.1890 and 1953 of various sports teams of the Rindge Manual Training School. These photographs were collected by the Rindge Alumni Association ca.1938 for display in the Charles F. McCue Trophy Room in time for the Fiftieth Anniversary celebration of the school. Alumni Charles McCue, Paul Hillery, and Dr. George White, and teacher Henry C. Lynch, were credited in the school’s 50th anniversary commemorative book with having initiated the search for the photographs. The photographs remained on display and were maintained by the Rindge Alumni Association until the merger of the school in 1977 with the Cambridge High and Latin School, when they went into storage. They were redisplayed in 1981 at the new Cambridge Rindge and Latin School until recent years when they were returned to storage. During this time many of the photographs were lost or damaged.  Photographs of teams in football, baseball, basketball, hockey, track, and crew are included, yet there are gaps for various years as a result. Most team members, coaches, and assistants in each photograph are identified. A small number of lists of team members for various years are included, presumably having been attached to now missing photographs. 

Several images appear to be photographic reproductions from various school yearbooks. To identify individual team members please view the catalog housed with the finding aid produced by Steve Surette.

The photographs are the work of several Cambridge photographers, the bulk of which were taken or reprinted by James Notman, active in Cambridge from the 1890’s to the 1930’s. In many cases it is unclear as to whether the reprinted photographs are duplicates of Notman’s original work or the work of some other photographer. In several instances, it is apparent that Notman’s reprint is a copy from the original by H. William Tupper (photographs 1.021RT, 1.029RT, 2.056RT, 3.066RT, 4.084RT), who worked as manager of the Pach Brothers studio on Massachusetts Avenue from 1890-1910, and as a photographer in his own right. One other (2.052RT), is identified as being a copy of a Pach Brothers photograph. 
Other photographers/studios identified in the collection are the Pach Brothers, as aforementioned, active in Cambridge from the 1880’s until 1910; and Benjamin M. Creedman, proprietor of University Studios located at 8 Boylston Street (now John F. Kennedy Street), active during the 1930’s and 1940’s. Several photographers remain unidentified.

The first six series consisting of photographs only are arranged by sport and thence chronologically: I. Football, II. Baseball, III. Basketball, IV. Hockey, V. Track, and VI. Crew. This reflects their original arrangement. Each photograph has been assigned an identifying number that corresponds to its respective series and its placement in the collection, followed by an RT (Rindge Technical) to identify it as part of the collection. For example, the earliest photograph in Series I, Football is numbered 1.001 RT (Series I, Photograph 1, Rindge Technical). In two instances it appears that photographs have been misidentified, as is the case with one photograph (2.047RT), identified as a 1906 team photograph, but likely a photograph of the 1907 team, and one (2.056RT) identified as the 1916 team which is, in fact, the 1917 team. 

Series VII, Other Sports Teams includes photographs of sports teams of other Cambridge schools, most of which are identified.

Series VIII, Rindge School Records, Photographs, Awards, include a number of photographs of students in fire drill, drawing, and machine classes as well as photographs of their machine, carpentry, and joinery work; photographs of several alumni and supporters of the school; class photographs; photographs of the various class rooms and shop rooms at the Cambridge Manual Training School; one photograph of a reunion class, and several pieces of memorabilia. Other material in this series includes a number of glass lantern slides with song lyrics that were used for communal singing in the school; one incomplete volume of records from the class of 1892; and a pamphlet (1892) containing an early description of the school and the courses offered to young men who attended.


The Rindge Alumni Association Collection, ca.1890-1991, is arranged in eight series:

Series I. Football, 1891-1938
Series II. Baseball, ca.1890-1938
Series III. Basketball, 1904-1939
Series IV. Hockey, 1904-1938
Series V. Track, 1897-1953
Series VI. Crew, 1916-1927
Series VII. Other sports teams
Series VIII. Rindge records, photographs, and awards, 1892-1991

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Sports – Massachusetts – Cambridge – Photographs

Basketball – Massachusetts – Cambridge – Photographs

Baseball – Massachusetts – Cambridge – Photographs

Football – Massachusetts – Cambridge – Photographs

Sports Teams – Massachusetts – Cambridge – Photographs

Trade schools – United States

High School Athletes – Massachusetts

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Special Collections


Series Descriptions and Folder Listings

Series I.  Football, 1892-1938

Box     Folder            Title

1.124 RT 1892 Team
1.001 RT 1893, C. Burnett and J.B. Sawin
1.002 RT 1893, Joe Eldridge
1.120 RT 1893, Captain George Morse [Pach]
1.003 RT 1893, Etney Warren
1.004 RT 1893 Team (Donor, John J.M. McKenzie)
1.121 RT 1894, Captain Murphy [Pach]
1.005 RT 1894 Team
1.122 RT 1895, Captain Etney Warren [Pach]
1.123 RT 1896, Captain Savin [Horner]
1.006 RT 1896 Team
1.007 RT 1897 Team
1.008 RT 1898 Team
1.009 RT 1900 Team
1.010 RT 1901 Team
1.011 RT 1903 Team
1.012 RT 1904 Team
1.125 RT 1905 Team
1.013 RT 1905 Team
1.126 RT 1906, unidentified team member
1.014 RT 1906 Team
1.015 RT 1907 Team
1.016 RT 1908 Team
1.017 RT 1909 Team
1.018 RT 1910 Team
1.019 RT 1911 Team
1.020 RT 1912 Team
1.127 RT 1913 Team [Tupper]
1.021 RT 1913 Team [Notman copy of Tupper]
1.022 RT 1914 Team
1.128 RT 1914 Team [Tupper]
1.023 RT 1915 Team
1.024 RT 1916 Team
1.025 RT 1917 Team [Tupper]
1.129 RT 1917 Team [Tupper]
1.026 RT 1919 Team [Notman copy of Tupper]
1.130 RT 1919 Team [Tupper]
1.131 RT 1919 Team [Tupper]
1.132 RT 1919 Team [Tupper]
1.027 RT 1920 Team [Tupper]
1.133 RT 1920 Team [Tupper]
1.028 RT 1921 Team [Notman copy of Tupper]
1.134 RT 1921 Team [Tupper]
1.135 RT 1922 Team [Notman copy of Tupper]
1.029 RT 1922 Team [Notman copy of Tupper]
1.030 RT 1923 Team
1.031 RT 1924 Team
1.032 RT 1925 Team
1.033 RT 1926 Team
1.034 RT 1927 Team
1.035 RT 1928 Team
1.036 RT 1930 Team
1.136 RT 1931, Captain George Parker [Notman]
1.037 RT 1931 Team
1.038 RT 1932 Team
1.039 RT 1937 Team
1.040 RT 1938 Team

   Series II.  Baseball, ca.1890-1938

Box     Folder Title

2 8
2.041 RT ca.1890 Team
2.110 RT ca.1890 Team
2.116 RT 1891 Team [Notman copy]
2.117 RT ca.1892 Team [Notman copy]
2.042 RT 1901 Team
2.043 RT 1903 Team
2.044 RT 1904 Team
2.115 RT 1904 Team [Notman]
2.045 RT 1905 Team
2.046 RT 1906 Team
2.047 RT 1906 Team (possibly 1907 team, misidentified
2 9
2.048 RT 1909 Team
2.049 RT 1910 Team
2.050 RT 1911 Team
2.051 RT 1912 Team
2.052 RT 1913 Team [Notman copy of Pach]
2 10
2.053 RT 1914 Team [Notman copy of Tupper]
2.111 RT 1914 Team [Tupper]
2.054 RT 1915 Team [Tupper]
2.112 RT 1915 Team [Tupper]
2.055 RT 1916 Team [Notman copy of Tupper]
2.113 RT 1916 Team [Tupper]
2.056 RT 1917 Team (misidentified as 1916) [Notman copy of Tupper]
2.057 RT 1917 Team [Tupper]
2.058 RT 1918 Team
2.059 RT 1920 Team [Tupper Studio]
2 11
2.060 RT 1925 Team
2.061 RT 1930 Team
2.062 RT 1930 Team
2.063 RT 1932 Team
2.064 RT 1933 Team
2.114 RT 1933 Team
2.065 RT 1938 Team [Creedman]
2.118 RT Tom Daley (1913 Team), in Red Sox uniform?, n.d.
2.119 RT Mack Hillis (1919 Team), in Pittsburgh uniform, 1928
2.120 RT Bill Barrett, n.d.

Series III.  Basketball, 1904-1939

2 12
3.066 RT 1904 Team
3.067 RT 1906 Team
3.068 RT 1907 Team
3.069 RT 1908 Team
3.070 RT 1909 Team
3.071 RT 1927 Team
3.072 RT 1928 Team
2 13
3.073 RT 1931 Team
3.074 RT 1932 Team
3.075 RT 1933 Team
3.076 RT 1933 Team
3.077 RT 1938 Team
3.103 RT 1939 Team

Series IV.  Hockey, 1904-1938

3 14
4.078 RT 1904 Team
4.079 RT 1905 Team
4.080 RT 1911 Team
4.081 RT 1912 Team
4.082 RT 1913 Team
4.083 RT 1914 Team
4.084 RT 1915 Team [Notman copy of Tupper]
3 15
4.102 RT 1919 Team [Tupper]
4.085 RT 1929 Team
4.086 RT 1932 Team
4.087 RT 1933 Team
4.088 RT 1934 Team
4.089 RT 1938 Team
4.107 RT undated Team

Series V.  Track, 1897-1953

3 16
5.090 RT 1897 Team
5.091 RT 1904 Team
5.092 RT 1906 Team
5.093 RT 1910 Team
5.094 RT 1911 Team
5.095 RT 1923 Team
5.096 RT 1938 Team
5.106 RT 1952 Team [Valentine]
5.104 RT 1953 Team [Valentine]
5.105 RT 1953 Team [Valentine] (misidentified as 1952 Team)

Series VI.  Crew, 1916-1927

3 17
6.108 RT 1916 Team [Byrd]
6.109 RT 1916 Team [Marshall]
6.097 RT 1920 Team
6.098 RT 1922 Team
6.099 RT 1925 Team
6.100 RT 1926 Team
6.101 RT 1927 Team

Series VII. Other Sports Teams, 1908-1911, n.d.


4 1
7.137 RT Cambridge High and Latin School Football Team,
1911 [Tupper]
7.138 RT Unidentified Football Team, n.d. [Pach]
7.139 RT Cambridge High and Latin School Football Team, n.d.[Tupper]
7.140 RT Cambridge Latin School Crew Team, 1910 [Tupper]
7.141 RT Cambridge Latin School Crew Team, 1908 [N. L.

Series VIII. Rindge Alumni Association Records, Photographs, Awards, 1892-1991


4 2 Photographs of alumni, supporters, class photographs, etc.
8.142 RT Joe Harris, n.d.
8.143 RT Ralph Robart, n.d.
8.144 RT William F. Cooper (class of 1941), ca.1941
8.145 RT David C. Dow, n.d.
8.146 RT Class of 1908
8.147 RT Class of 1922
8.150 RT Charles F. McCue, n.d.
8.207 RT “Rindge Technical School Alumni, Semi-Centennial
Banquet, November 11, 1938, Cambridge, Mass.” [Acme
8.148 RT Class of 1915 [Notman]
8.149 RT Class of 1915 [Notman]
4 3 Photographs of students in fire training, tools, classrooms, products, etc.
8.151 RT Students in military training, n.d.
8.152 RT Classroom machinery, n.d.
8.153 RT Students in fire training, n.d. [N. L. Stebbins]
8.154 RT Students in fire training, n.d. [N. L. Stebbins]
8.155 RT Students in fire training, n.d. [N. L. Stebbins]
4 4 Photograph album of students in training, tools, classrooms, products, etc. (1 of 2)
8.156 RT Rindge Manual Training School, ca.1892
8.157 RT Cambridge Public Library, ca.1892 (cyanotype)
8.158 RT Rindge Manual Training School with Memorial Hall in background, ca.1892
8.159 RT Cambridge High and Latin School, ca.1892
8.160 RT Front hall of Rindge Manual Training School, ca. 1892
8.161 RT Cambridge Manual Training School Hose #4, ca.1892
8.162 RT Students in geometry(?) class, ca.1892
8.163 RT Students in drawing room, ca.1892
8.164 RT Students in wood-working shop, ca.1892
8.165 RT Pattern-making, ca.1892
8.166 RT Students in machine shop, ca.1892
8.167 RT Forgery shop, ca.1892
8.168 RT Machine shop, ca.1892
8.169 RT Engine and dynamo, ca.1892
8.170 RT Exercises in turning and pattern-making, ca.1892
8.171 RT Exercises in turning and pattern-making, ca.1892
8.172 RT Exercises in carpentry and joinery, ca.1892
8.173 RT Exercises in forging, ca.1892
8.174 RT Wrought iron work (created by Cambridge ManualTraining School class of 1893), ca.1892
8.175 RT Fire set (created by Cambridge Manual Training School class of 1893), ca.1892
8.176 RT Machine shop exercize, ca.1892
8.177 RT Exercises in iron fitting and hand turning, ca.1892
8.178 RT Speed lathe (created by Cambridge
Manual Training School class of 1891), ca.1892
8.179 RT Marine engine (created by Cambridge
Manual Training School class of 1892), ca.1892
4 5
8.180 RT Students playing baseball, ca.1892
8.181 RT Fire drill battalion with engines 3 and 4, ca.1892
8.182 RT Firefighting class with engine 3, ca.1982
8.183 RT Firefighting class drilling, ca.1892
8.184 RT Firefighting class drilling, ca.1892
8.185 RT Firefighting class drilling, ca.1892
8.186 RT Firefighting class drilling, ca.1892
8.187 RT Firefighting class drilling, ca.1892
8.188 RT Firefighting class drilling, ca.1892
8.189 RT Firefighting class drilling, ca.1892
8.190 RT Firefighting class answering an alarm, ca.1892
8.191 RT Firefighting class drilling, ca.1892
8.192 RT Firefighting class drilling, ca.1892
8.193 RT Firefighting class drilling, ca.1892
8.194 RT Firefighting class drilling, ca.1892
8.195 RT Firefighting class drilling, ca.1892
8.196 RT Firefighting class drilling, ca.1892
8.197 RT Firefighting class practice with life net, ca.1892
8.198 RT Firefighting class drilling, ca.1892
8.199 RT Firefighting class practice with life rope, ca.1892
8.200 RT Firefighting class drilling, ca.1892
8.201 RT Firefighting class drilling, ca.1892
8.202 RT Cambridge Manual Training School class marching in parade, ca.1892
8.203 RT Cambridge Manual Training School class marching in parade, ca.1892
8.204 RT Firefighting class drilling in winter, ca.1892
8.205 RT Cambridge Manual Training School class marching in parade, ca.1892
8.206 RT Students at South Bend Precision Lathes in classroom,n.d.
5 1 Cambridge Manual Training School for Boys, 1892
5 2 Cambridge Manual Training School Class of 1892 records, 1892-1893
5 3 Glass lantern slides, n.d.
5 4m Ralph W. Robart (Class of 1912) plaque, n.d.
6 1m Silver plate award “Harvard, 1987”
6 2m Silver plate award “Harvard 1991, Octos”

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