Thank you to all who attended our 2019 Spring Benefit, “Engaging at Home” on May 9 at 144 Upland Road. It was such a treat to hear about the history of the building and its immediate surroundings from Charlie Sullivan of the Cambridge Historical Commission. Henry Moss helped us understand the larger vision of mid-century architecture, and Joan McCandlish described her personal experiences growing up in the house from ages six to fifteen. When asked if she knew at the time about the uniqueness of the house, she said, “We didn’t feel isolated by the different-ness of it. It was a definitely a special place.”

We would like to extend our gratitude to our wonderful hosts, Barbara Thimm and Alexander Broich, for generously welcoming us into their home, and for sharing the positive impact the space has had on their family’s daily lives.

This event was also made possible by our sponsors:

  • Bonny Lamb – Compass
  • John Petrowsky/Christian Jones – Compass
  • Bruce Irving/John Bigelow – Compass
  • Elizabeth Adams-Lasser and Clifford Lasser

Because of the generosity of our hosts, sponsors, and all who attended, we were able to raise over $15,000 for the Cambridge Historical Society.

Thank you, all! We look forward to seeing you soon as we explore this year’s theme, “How Does Cambridge Engage?”

Photos by Marissa Kramer