10/02/17: Past — “Why Here?” – The first installment of the 2017 Fall Symposium

October Symposium Postcard

Update – watch the event:

Our 2017 Symposium’s theme is “Made in Cambridge: What’s Happening in Kendall Square?”

On Monday, October 2nd at the Cambridge Public Library, we held the first part of our 2017 Fall Symposium: “Why Here?”
Our moderator is Henrietta Davis, former Mayor of Cambridge, and our speakers are Sam Lipson, Director of Environmental Health at Cambridge Public Health, Robin Wolfe Scheffler, Leo Marx Career Development Professor in the History and Culture of Science and Technology at the Program in Science, Technology, and Society at MIT, and Dr. Phillip Sharp, Institute Professor, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT.

For details on the second part of the Fall Symposium, “What’s Next?”, click here.

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