January 2018

The Cambridge Historical Society seeks interested persons to serve on its Governing Council beginning in March 2018. The Society’s Councilors serve three-year terms.

About the Society 
From the American Revolution to the biotech revolution, the history of Cambridge is unlike that of
any other city. Working together with our community, we connect the past with our present and
future, serve as stewards of our collective history, and inspire questions like “how come?” and
“what if?” for generations to come.

Plans for the Future
The Society exists to help our community explore and understand how and why we got here and
to use that perspective to better understand contemporary issues. We aim to increase empathy
in the city through conversational program formats and question-raising. Our vision is to bring the
history of Cambridge “forward,” making it an integral part of our present and future. We enable
our community to better recognize, understand, and appreciate the threads that connect
yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Each year, the Society frames its annual programming around
one issue of pressing interest to Cantabrigians today. The Society’s 2018 theme is “Where is
Cambridge From?”

Serving as a Councilor
To achieve our goals as outlined in the strategic plan, the Society seeks individuals interested in
sharing the history of Cambridge with the following skill sets:
-Grant writing, benefit/event planning, or other fundraising talents;
-Social media and/or marketing and communications;
-Financial management;
-Collections management.

Council members are expected to:
-Attend Council meetings and serve on at least one committee;
-Participate in Cambridge Historical Society programs and attend events;
-Identify, foster and help deepen connections with Cambridge Historical Society
supporters, community members, and potential supporters;
-Embrace the Society’s vision and enthusiastically communicate it to all current and
potential members and supporters;
-Provide professional guidance in your area of expertise;
-Actively assist in fundraising activities;
-Serve as Ambassador and Advocate on behalf of Cambridge Historical Society, including
philanthropic capacity-building;
-Place Cambridge Historical Society among top philanthropic priorities;
-Make charitable gift to Cambridge Historical Society – annually and in support of any
special fundraising events or campaign initiatives.

New Councilors are voted in at the Society’s annual meeting of the membership on Tuesday,
February 6th, 2018.

Individuals interested in learning more about joining the Council should email a short note of
interest and resume to Marieke Van Damme, Executive Director, and Doug Brown, Chair,
Nominations Committee, at nominations@cambridgehistory.org by Friday, January 26th ,

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