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The question posed by this year’s theme at the Cambridge Historical Society, “How Does Cambridge Engage?” has brought to mind the many ways that we have taken part in political and cultural movements, starting with the American Revolution. Ever since our founding as Newe Towne in 1636, the citizens of Cambridge have come together ― and are coming together today ─ to make change in our community, and in the world we inhabit.

We need your help to unravel the questions that surround this theme: How are you making a difference for the causes you believe in? How are you a part of history? Are historical events moving around you, or are they moving through you? Are you a part of the action? How will you leave your mark?

Send us your stories of engagement in causes or historical movements. For example, were you here in Cambridge in the 1960s during the Vietnam Era demonstrations? Were you involved in the Civil Rights Movement? Did you take part in the 2017 Women’s March? We would love to hear your memories, what you learned, and how your experiences might inform those who are seeking to make change today ― and in the future. Submit your stories today, and please share this with your friends!