How Have Women Shaped Cambridge?
A “Her-story” Drive

Women’s stories are still largely overlooked in the broader historical narrative, and women continue to face obstacles to their full participation in civic life, economic equality, and even their physical health and safety. In light of these ongoing challenges, the Cambridge Historical Society has chosen to focus our 2020 programs on the many roles that women in Cambridge have played – and continue to play – in the city’s past, present, and future. In so doing, we seek to both broaden the scope of our inquiry to include women from a range of time periods, racial and ethnic backgrounds, classes and religions, and to narrow our focus to explore the experiences of women in the particular geographical and cultural microcosm of Cambridge.

We need your help collecting the stories of Cambridge women. 

Tell us about a woman who has left her mark on the city of Cambridge. She may be a part of your family, a neighbor,  a member of your church, or someone you have heard about in some other way. She can be of any age, living today or during an earlier time. Maybe she was born here, or perhaps she only lived here for a few years of her life. Regardless of her life circumstances, she was–or is– a remarkable person who has touched the lives of many.

We want to know about her. How did she live, what did she believe in, who was important in her life and helped her achieve her goals? How did she leave her mark on the city of Cambridge?

Share her story in a short essay. We’re looking for short articles (500-1,000 words) about female Cambridge history-makers, both famous and not-so-famous, to post on our blog and share with our readers. Please note that not all submissions will be published, and authors are not compensated for their submissions. We have a rolling submission deadline through December 31, 2020. 

How to submit: Please see editorial guidelines below.  Email your essay to Marieke Van Damme, Executive Director, at

Find inspiration in the stories of these remarkable Cambridge women:

Cambridge Historical Society Editorial guidelines

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