Recap of 10/22/2019 Oral History Round Table

On Tuesday, October 22, the Cambridge Historical Society Oral History project team hosted a roundtable event at the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House. Diana Lempel, the Doing History curator at Cambridge Historical Society, led the oral history narrators, interviewers Katie Burke and Lina Raciukaitis, and Loop Lab recording team through a reflection on the Sweet Souls Oral History Project thus far. … Read More

“Sweet Souls” Oral History Project Underway

The Cambridge Historical Society has launched an oral history project, in partnership with the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House and The Loop Lab. This summer, “Sweet Souls, Voices from the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House in Cambridge” will be documenting the life stories of twelve people, or “narrators,” closely affiliated with the 117-year-old settlement house in the Port, using audio recordings and … Read More

Dr. Candy Maddalo

Candy Maddalo’s grandparents moved from Palermo, Sicily to East Cambridge. Her father was the first generation here. He worked in the Court House Barbershop from 1951 until he passed away in 2002. Among her childhood memories: “[My father’s barbershop] was open six days a week from 6 in the morning to 6 at night. He was there all the time … Read More

Fred Fantini

Fred Fantini was born in Cambridge in 1949. He is a member of the Cambridge School Committee. Among his childhood memories: “In those days like I said my mother would wake us up at 7am and we would be gone for the day. Our street was loaded with kids. I would go up to the Cambridge Common and play baseball … Read More

Jean Raymond

Jean Raymond has lived in the same house on Thorndike Street in Cambridge for 75 years. Her parents were both born in Nova Scotia. Among her childhood memories: “My sisters worked at the candy factory for a short time. It was called something else before Necco. They also worked somewhere else where they made things for the war. There was … Read More

Dan Percoco

Dan Percoco was born at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge in 1942. His parents were born in Cambridge, and his grandparents came from Italy. Among his childhood memories: “There used to be a prison down by the courthouse and we used to race our bikes down there. We would look under the gate and see all the prisoners’ feet walking … Read More

Sweet Souls and the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House

In 2019, the Cambridge Historical Society and the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House are partnering on “Sweet Souls” Oral History Project. Telling your story will help people learn how the Fuller House has impacted individuals, families, and the Port. Learn more here.

Pierre Fils-Aime

Pierre Fils-Aime was born in Saint-Marc, Haiti. He first traveled to the US as a member of Haiti’s national volleyball team, to represent Haiti in an international volleyball tournament at Miami Dade University in Florida. After graduating from SUNY Binghamton with a major in psychobiology, he moved to Boston to be near his sister. He is currently a Community Coordinator … Read More

Nicola Williams

Nicola Williams was born in Jamaica, and spent her childhood in both Jamaica and Brooklyn, NY. She moved to Boston the day after graduating college in Upstate New York, and has lived in Cambridge for 32 years. In 1995, she founded The Williams Agency, a marketing and event planning firm.

Lynette Laveau-Saxe

Lynette Laveau-Saxe was born in Trinidad and moved to Boston to be with her husband, who was studying anthropology at Brandeis. She is a teacher, actress, mentor, and life success coach and currently produces the Callaloo Express Relationship Show on CCTV. She’s lived in Cambridge for 50 years.